Purchase and Resale Setup

Flexible, comprehensive, powerful

Realty Analytics Acquisition set up is where you enter investment parameters, depreciation drivers, taxes and other variables about the purchase. The Observations and Assessments Window keeps you informed every step of the way, and the Finance set up provides amazing power and flexibility. Like the ability to base the first on sale price, current value - or on stabilized values.

Manage all of your analysis in one place
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Observations and assessments

The Observations and Assessments window monitors every step of the process and advises you when things don't stack up. As you enter variables about the target property - the model reacts with investment drivers that you control... the result is nothing short of amazing. You'll get messages about LTV, expense ratios, returns, debt service, cash shortfall messages and much, much more.

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Comprehensive acquisition setup

Setting up the acquisition for a target property in Realty Analytics is intuitive and efficient. Even if you've never used Excel before, you'll find the interface straight forward and easy to use. Simply follow the steps outlined on the setup page and watch as the analysis comes to life. As you begin to work, you'll see messages in the Observations and Assessments window that keep you on-track.

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Informative acquisition charts

Click the Open Charts button and open the Interactive acquisition charts and graphs. They give you instant visual feedback about the financial viability of the deal. You control which data to include or omit. Just open the dropdown menu and select what you want to chart - when you're done, just click "Close" and the charts disappear.

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Powerful financial tools

Set up 1st, 2nd, 3rd and refinance loans. The model accommodates interest only, variable rate loans, additional principal payments and neg-am loans. The visual controls show you in an instant which loans are operational, and in which years. You can base the 1st on Sales Price, Current Value or Stabilized Values. Placing subordinate financing is a snap too - the model will tell you if you exceed the "then-current" LTV, or don't meet the debt service coverage ratios.

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Informative pop-up finance charts

Want to see the financing represented graphically? Simple - just open the Chart Tools and you'll see the effects of all financing year by year. These charts are interactive, which means that you choose what data to include - and how you want it to look. When you're finished - just click Close and the charts disappear.

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Variable rate loan setup is a snap

Realty Analytics can handle variable rate loans with ease. You can even set up zero interest loans, or interest only loans - it's up to you. The color bars change to visually show you which loans are operational - and for what periods. The bottom area shows the aggregate loan balances and payment amounts.

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Reserves, Capital Improvements, Historic Credits

The built-in funded reserves calculator tells you how much to reserve by the year, by the component. Entering capital improvements is straightforward and you have the option of "drawing-down" on the funded reserves, or simply paying the costs out of cash flows.

The historic tax credit section is easy to use and intuitive - all you need to know is if your property qualifies.

More Features

  • Step-by-Step setup and error trapping makes it fast and easy to get going.
  • Context-sensitive help system keeps you up and running.
  • Handles depreciation, taxes, amortization, reversion and historic tax credits
  • Funded Reserves calculator tells you what you should reserve each year- by the component
  • Accommodates personal property depreciation and calculations for basis and adjusted basis
  • Use the built in closing cost drivers - or import data from the HUD-1 module.
  • Change the year of sale on-the-fly and see how it affects returns... and values

Next Step

Once you experience the power, flexibility and ease-of-use of Realty Analytics analysis software - you'll never want to analyze another property without it. We guarantee it. Download Now.