Property Summary

Property Summary

All key data in one place

No need to search everywhere for key data. Realty Analytics Property Summary page puts all key data about the target property at your fingertips. The summary covers acquisition, 1st year operations, resale returns, risks and more

One page summary boils down to salient facts [+] Click to enlarge

One page summary boils down to salient facts

The summary page gives you a quick overview of the target property so you don't have to search through model after model trying to find what you need. The summary lists key data about the property, contacts and phone numbers, the acquisition details, first year's operations, capital requirements and the resale.

More Features

  • Easily change photos and customize frames
  • Review contact names and numbers specific to each property
  • Property description exports to business plan.
  • Summary report is automatically updated any time you change the model.

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