Lease Expiration Report

Leases expire - you need to know when

Any savvy lender will want to know what the lease expiration exposure is during the first year. The Lease Expiration Report tells you at a glance about vacancies during the first 12 months of operations. You can specify what data to include in the chart, and see not only the numbers - but also the graphic representation. Turnover is a killer – know in advance what the effects will be, and when.

Know which leases expire - and when [+] Click to enlarge

Know which leases expire - and when

Expirations that occur during the first year are critical. This graphic-numeric report shows you the vulnerability areas during the first year of ownership. Information is imported from actual lease data. All you have to do is select which data to display in the interactive charts

More Features

Breaks out expirations during the first 12 months of ownership

Shows leases expiring "this month" and cumulative expirations

Illustrates square footage expirations per month and in the aggregate

Shows the percentage expiring to total units and to square footage

Like all charts in Realty Analytics - this one is also fully interactive. You decide what to include.

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