Instant Analyst

Instant Analysis

Know in 5 minutes if a property makes sense

Stop wasting time crunching numbers on deals that will never fly. Plug in the numbers for the target property, adjust the variables and instantly see the results. The Instant Analyst will determine the right price for the target property - and under what conditions in 5 minutes or less.

Easy setup - Powerful results [+] Click to enlarge

Easy setup - Powerful results

Know if the stabilized value will support a subordinate second and determine how much to spend on capital improvements. See the incoming CAP, understand the closing costs and see the effects of inflation on expenses - or how lowering the variable costs can have a dramatic affect on valuation. The Observations & Assessments section tells you in real-time the effect of changing the variables or the drivers, and charts and graphs provide real-time visual feedback.

Immediate written and graphic feedback [+] Click to enlarge

Immediate written and graphic feedback

The interactive charts in Instant Analyst give you real time feedback about the target property at the click of a mouse. Modify an assumption and the charts will change. Now you can determine whether a property is worth pursuing in minutes. To access the charts, simply click on the Open Chart Tools button.

More Features

  • Unique-in-the-industry Observations and Assessments window alerts you to problems or potential problems - and suggests corrective actions.
  • 17 global investment drivers that govern the investment parameters.
  • Breaks out fixed and variable expenses
  • Handles 1st, 2nd, 3rd and refinance loans
  • See the effects of taxes, depreciation and amortization
  • Calculates break even point, closing costs, cash required to close and other key data points
  • Easy to use - even with no prior Excel experience

Next Step

Once you experience the power, flexibility and ease-of-use of Realty Analytics analysis software - you'll never want to analyze another property without it. We guarantee it. Download Now.