Income Setup

Real estate leases are diverse

Leases are as unique as the tenants themselves and the buildings that they occupy. Realty Analytics lease entry form can accommodate commissions, TI, rollovers, renewals, expense recoveries, expense stops, down time, and is driven by any of four escalation drivers. The model can handle virtually anything you can throw at it.

Manage all of your analysis in one place
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Handles real-world leasing scenarios

A lease is not a flat-line income stream. It varies based upon time and features contained in the lease. The power and flexibility built into the lease form make it possible to accurately reflect the income stream from any lease type - for up to 800 leases. Expense recovery is a snap - just check an expense item and the cost is recovered in proportion to the square footage - and prorated for the year.

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Recover fixed and variable expenses

The model imports your custom operating expenses to the recovery section for each unit. You can recover any or all fixed or variable expenses by the tenant. The model does all appropriate calculations for proration of expenses for partial year occupancies.

More Features

  • Lease control panel shows the equity component, recoveries, differentials and recovery ratios
  • Allows for both fixed and variable expense recoveries by the expense - by the tenant
  • Accommodates user-defined Other Income sources
  • Rate changes are controllable down to the month by any of four real-world drivers
  • Built-in unit turnover tool handles down time between occupancies
  • Handles tenant improvements and leasing commissions. Makes appropriate capital entries
  • Error trapping feature catches over allocations

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