HUD-1 Closing Costs

Stop guessing what closing costs will be

If you're using some arbitrary percentage to calculate closing costs - sooner or later, you're headed for trouble. If you miscalculate by a mere 1% point on a typical $5 million dollar deal - you just missed by $50 thousand - OUCH! Use Realty Analytics HUD-1 worksheet to zero-in on costs... right down to the actual day of closing.

Easy to ease - highly accurate
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Easy to ease - highly accurate

Select the actual day of settlement and the module imports data from throughout the analysis and computes city, county and school taxes, prorations for rents, security deposit credits, insurance, title costs, government fees and recording costs, escrows and much more.

See both sides of the transaction [+] Click to enlarge

See both sides of the transaction

Or hide either one - it's up to you. The data entry cells can be highlited to show you where to enter attorney's fees for example. Other fees that you want to include like special endorsements are a snap to add - just enter the data in the descriptive cell and the model does all the work.

Stop guessing what the costs are - Use the Realty Analytics HUD-1 tool and know for sure.

More Features

  • Include or exclude the HUD-1 in the business plan
  • Handles rent prorations to the day of closing
  • Option to export costs to the acquisition set up module to compute cash requirements.
  • Accommodates "Other" costs and fees.
  • See the breakout between principal and interest in the pie chart.

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