Operating Expenses

Properties have fixed and variable expenses

If your current analysis software can't handle the difference - you're using the wrong tools. Operating budgets are critical to understanding the property dynamics. Realty Analytics gives you the power and flexibility to set up real-world operating budgets. Like provisions for both fixed and variable expense entries, three different approaches to calculating commissions.

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Budget setup has never been easier

Operating Expense set up is quick and intuitive, and you can view up to 20 years. You can use global expense increases or specify rates of change for each line item for each year. The model handles up to 26 line items, and you can specify whether the expense is Fixed or Variable. When you enter the lease date - you can specify expense recoveries lease-by-lease and item -by-item.

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Income and expense statements

Once the operating expenses have been entered and the income stream identified - the model produces a sophisticated Pro Forma Income and Expense Statements in dollars, dollars per square foot and dollars per unit. Any or all of these reports can be expanded or collapsed to show a maximum of 20 years, and you can adjust the year of sale from any page in the model.

More Features

  • Completely customize the budget line items and export to all other modules.
  • Collapsible budget work area
  • Calculates expenses for up to 20 years. Adjustable slider bar changes the year of sale - and results
  • Increase to expenses automatically for all years, or year by year by adjustable inflation rates
  • Shows fixed, variable and total operating expense ratios
  • Instant graphic feedback showing costs per foot and recoveries
  • Up to 26 budget line items - fully customizable

Next Step

Once you experience the power, flexibility and ease-of-use of Realty Analytics analysis software - you'll never want to analyze another property without it. We guarantee it. Download Now.