How to Bring the Spa Home in 2017

The new can bring stress and new year's resolutions. Everyone needs a sanctuary, a place to relax and unwind. Say you can’t stick to your new year’s resolution and you need to marinate on some attainable goals for the year, where would you go? Where can you relax and let those pesky resolutions melt away? The spa, perhaps?

The spa is probably far away, has too many people and is overpriced. There’s another option, your bathroom. The bathroom can be much more than just a place you’re obligated to go to. It can be transformed into a beautiful spa-like retreat in your own home. Spas encompass all that relaxation has to offer. To pick apart a spa, it’s more than just treatments, it’s about the calm environment. Here are some new ways in which one can bring that spa feeling home.

Cosmetic Changes

Let’s start with the root of a beautiful revamp. A facelift is a must. Some cosmetic changes would be paint, fixtures and countertops.

As far as bathroom paint and color trends, 2017 continues where 2016 left off with neutrals. Neutral paint colors like creams, grays and beiges are the epitome of calm colors to complete your spa feel. Neutral paints allow you to play up other elements in the room. They give you full reign on other design elements of the room. Paint can set the tone of the rest of the room. Now that the backdrop is set, you can focus on the other aspects of your bathroom.

Fixtures are the source of the spa-like feelings so why not do it right this time around. A separate bath and shower are essential. An all glass encapsulated shower give a clean modern feel to a bathroom. It extends the room and doesn’t give the bulky look to the bathroom as a bath and shower combination would. A huge tub would give you the chance to soak those aforementioned resolutions away, because no one sticks to resolutions anyways. Why not soak them away in style and comfort?

Finally, the finishing touches to really accentuate the room is to add texture. Texturize the bathroom countertops with something special. Every guest will visit your bathroom and their last impression will be of the countertops. Different materials for countertops are offered, but one of

the most durable options would be quartz countertops. It requires no sealing and is waterproof, which is a must for all the steam that will radiant from your bathtub and shower. Listed on Consumer Reports for the best countertops, Caesarstone quartz countertops remain high on the ranking. Imagine a countertop that emotes a feeling a romance and escape with its beautiful texture. Color and textures can all be customized to your bathroom’s specific design. You can choose a wonderfully dark quartz countertop to bring an ounce of mystery to the room. You can choose a crisp white to keep the fresh element throughout the entire room. Quartz is nonporous, resistant to scratches, stains, mold, mildew and chemicals. Refresh your sinks and vanity with a sleek, easy to clean countertop. Nothing’s better than not worrying about cleaning up as you dive deep into your spa treatments without a care. Visit Caesarstone Reviews to see how customers have tested out quartz countertops in their homes and read the FAQ to see if quartz is right for you.

Decor and Products

Decor is the one of the final touches to a bathroom. Flowers add a fresh breath of life into any room. Spas heighten your senses with natural smells, arrange some flowers to keep your senses refreshed. Candles or essential oils would bring that same spa like feel with fresh scents that will transport you to the spa, but in the privacy of your own home. Focus on light, fresh and natural scents that spas love to fill their rooms with. Soft towels and a nice robe will make getting out of the bathtub or shower a little easier with their inviting touch.

As far as products, you will need to be stocked and ready for any emergency spa treatment that the stresses of the day might require. Make sure your bathtub is ready for a good soak with bath oils, specialty soaps and other treats for a spa night. Whatever fits your fancy will do, just make sure your must haves are at the ready.

Make sure you hydrate with a glass of specialty cucumber or lemon water just as the spa recommends. It’s time to replenish and rejuvenate your spirit. Do so with a new bathroom that you can be proud of and enjoy.




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