Cash Flow Analysis

Cash Flow Analysis

Pro Forma Financials - as your lender sees them

The Pro forma Cash Flow Analysis and Analysis of Resale are at the heart of any real estate analysis. Realty Analytics gives you a Pro Forma Statement of Taxable Income or Loss, Statement of Pro Forma Operating Cash Flows, Pro Forma Analysis of Resale, Pro Forma Summary Cash Flow and Resale Analysis, and a thorough Risk Assessment that includes all key ratios and indicators.

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Taxable income or loss / Operating cash flows

The Statement of Pro Forma Taxable Income or Loss and Statement of ProForma Operating Cash Flows is in a format that your lender understands expects to see. Clear and concise.

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Analysis of resale

The Pro Forma analysis of resale shows the effects of sale and includes; adjusted basis, cumulative depreciation and amortization, suspended losses, unamortized points and commissions, taxes, loan payoffs and more.

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Summary pro forma analysis

This summary statement shows the combined effects of operations and resale. Realty Analytics let you specify how many years to display by simply entering the planned year of resale. If you are planning a five-year holding period, why display 20 years like other analysis tools?

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Sophisticated risk assessments

The Risk Assessments report gives you all key financial measurements of the venture from start to finish. The report includes such measurements as CAP rate, LTV, debt coverage and operating expense ratios, breakeven, margin of safety, equity, NOI, IRR, MIRR (both before and after tax) PV, CFAT, equity dividend rates and a host of other critical measurements that your lender will appreciate.

More Features

  • Includes depreciation for tenant and capital improvements, leasing commissions, the bricks and sticks and also for personal property components
  • Tracks interest payments for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and refinance loans by the year
  • Shows interest earned on funded reserves accounts, and expenditures against the account
  • Computes projected tax liability from operation and from out sale on a year by year basis
  • Calculates suspended losses utilized at out sale, unamortized leasing commissions and points

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