Breakeven Analysis

Your lender will ask - give the answer with confidence

Occupancy levels are sensitive, and you need to know at what point you will break even on operations. The Break even tool shows you at a glance where you need to be to cover the nut. You can even adjust occupancy levels, fixed and variable expenses and vacancy rates to run sophisticated "what-if" scenarios.

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Know the numbers - before your lender asks

The break even tool gives you immediate feedback regarding occupancy levels, rental rates and other key operating drivers that impact the target property. By knowing these variables you can plan for dips in occupancy or increases in fixed or variable expenses.

More Features

Independently adjust both fixed and variable expenses

Include or exclued financing costs in the breakeven number

Illustrates the break even point in rent per square foot, total dollars and in dollars per unit

Independent adjustment for occupancy levels

Shows both current break even point and adjusted values side-by-side.

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