Amortization Tables

See all financing in the same table, side-by-side

The typical amortization table shows you one loan - Realty Analytics Amortization Table is anything but typical. You see all loans displayed side-by-side for the years that they are operative. The summary data above the table lists each loan to include amount, type, term, points and more. Take the tour and see the power of Realty Analytics Amortization Tools.

Manage all of your analysis in one place
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Intuitive and informative

The amortization tools are integrated with the model - that means that you won't have to enter any data. This module imports loan data automatically and displays the tables. If you change a loan's parameters - the tables change automatically.

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Interactive charts and x-tra principal payment tools

Like all charts in Realty Analytics - this one is fully interactive. Open the chart tools and use the pull down menus to chart just about anything having to do with the loans. You can also see the effects of making extra principal payments. Just specify when they start, how much extra you want to pay, and when the payments will end - and watch the tables and charts change.

More Features

  • Include or exclude the table in the business plan
  • Like all worksheets in the model - you can easily change colors and customize the look and feel.
  • Highlight columns to accentuate balance, interest, payment, or rate - you choose.
  • Choose which year of the loan to chart - simply enter the desired year and the chart instantly redraws.

Next Step

Once you experience the power, flexibility and ease-of-use of Realty Analytics analysis software - you'll never want to analyze another property without it. We guarantee it. Download Now.