Company Overview

RealtyAnalyticsnet is the leading provider on real estate investment analysis software and comes with all the tools necessary to analyze commercial, residential or industrial investments.

Unrivaled Industry Leader and Innovator

All software is not created equal. The same holds true for the companies that produce it. The analysis software market is fragmented with underfunded and poorly managed companies. Companies that may understand software development - but don't have a clue about the nuts and bolts of actually investing in real estate. We are professional investors - we "get it". That's why we developed Realty Analytics.

The Realty Analytics program was developed internally buy our staff - to meet our needs as professional investors. The product has evolved and been continually refined over many years of use and review. Other products in the marketplace - some priced in the thousands, don't hold a candle to Realty Analytics when it comes to ease of use, power, and flexibility. The product works for us - we know it will work for you.

Company History

We began investing in real estate in the mid 1980's and immediately saw the need for a reliable and comprehensive tool to analyze potential investment opportunities. With no readily available commercial applications on the market at that time, we elected to write our own.

Our first efforts were with Lotus 123. Although cumbersome and slow, the models that we created helped us to analyze and acquire residential, industrial and commercial investment properties. That orignal effort lead to the creation of Realty Analytics. Over the years, we have had attorneys, accountants, builders, engineers, and private investors as partners in numerous ventures. They each have contributed in a unique way to the product that we now offer.

Today as never before, we remain dedicated to not only our continued real estate acquisitions, but also to the further refinement of our analysis tools. This is because we use the analysis package every day in our own business to analyze potential acquisitions - and because we believe that world-class investment analysis software should be affordable, and available to anyone needing to analyze a property.

You have our comittment to further development and system refinement of the software, and to providing exemplary customer service.




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