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Realty Analytics is the definitive word on Real Estate Investment Analysis Software. Like you, we're investors too - and we understand the needs of serious investors. We "get it".

In this market its not enough to simply locate a property - you have to get it structured and obtain financing that works. Realty Analytics is designed to exhaustively analyze the target property - and produce a bank-ready business plan that gets it done.

Analytics software Feature:

Instant Analyst

The Instant Analyst tells you if the property is worth pursuing - what to pay - and when to take a pass, and why. The Instant Analyst is simple to use even with no Excel experience - yet it provides a sophisticated look at the target property.

Real World Financing Scenario

We're investors too - and we know that financing can be complex. That's why we designed the system to handle interest only loans subordinate 2nds and 3rds, neg amortization, refinancing activities, variable rate loans and more. Realty Analytics can handle real-world financing scenarios.

Powerful and Flexible Lease Setup

Leases come in all types and sizes. If your current analysis software can't handle 5 different lease types as well as 4 payment types, commissions, tenant improvements, other income and expense recoveries - you're using the wrong software. See the power and flexibility built into Realty Analytics.

In-Depth Finacial Analysis

Realty Analytics produces sophisticated financial statements that include Operating Income and Expenses, Taxable Income, Statement of Cash Flows, Pro Forma Alalysis of Resale, Summary Pro Forma Analysis of Resale and an in-depth Risk Analysis.

Charts and Graphs

All charts in Realty Analytics are fully interactive. That means that you decide what to include or exclude from each chart. The 12 charts each address different areas of the opportunity - all you need to do is decide what's included and how it looks.

Business Plan

Realty Analytics produces a comprehensive and customizable business plan that is bank-ready. This document will make even the most conservative lender take notice.

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